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High quality Egyptian jewellery in 18 carat gold or sterling silver, representing important personalities of the time such as Tutankhamun, Isis or Nefertiti, in the form of cartouches, crosses of life, silhouettes and others. These jewels are for the ancient Egyptian enthusiast and for those who love classical objects. Jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and hard stones. High quality French and Swiss craftsmanship.

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The Egyptian culture has always been one of the civilizations that has valued jewellery the most and it is one of the first civilizations that made it.

For the Egyptians, symbolism was of great importance, especially in the religious field. Jewellery was not only a decorative object, but a magical and spiritual symbol. Jewellery represented wealth and status, but it was also very important at funerals.

The Egyptians preferred metals like gold, copper and silver. They combined these metals with gemstones and painted glass, because for them colour was very important and each colour had its own meaning.

Egyptian men and women wore all kinds of jewellery and today they have generalised the use of earrings for women and men. Some of the most commonly used jewellery by the Egyptians were necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Much of the jewellery was used as amulets.

Thanks to the fact that fashion is cyclical, we can enjoy jewellery very similar to that worn by the ancient Egyptians.

In our catalogue you can find gold Egyptian jewellery for men and women and silver Egyptian jewellery for men and women, such as necklaces and pyramid earrings. In addition, we have Egyptian pendants representing pharaohs like Tutankhamun, gods like Isis, queens like Nefertiti, crosses of life, cartouches, scarabs or elephants.